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James Cameron’s film Avatar was released in 2009. People raced to the theatre to see the stunning CGI work and groundbreaking 3D graphics in the blockbuster release. Viewers were astounded at how far film technology had progressed in such a short amount of time. The first time I saw Avatar in a theater was a remarkable experience, especially given how long the film was.

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New Year Lottery

This new year has a special meaning for us fans. The second movie of our favorite series is on the way. In honor of this, we will hold a special draw for the New Year as a reward for the support we have received from the community. We want to show the world the spirit of sharing in Avatar with these sweepstakes, which can be repeated according to a schedule that we will announce later, depending on the progress of the project.Winners will be chosen from among holders.

  • 30% to a holder from top hundred of holder list
  • 30% to three holder from top 500 of holder list
  • 40% to five holder from top 1000 of holder list

For Fans By Fans

The idea is that fans of Avatar can become shareholders of the Avatar world ecosystem and have an economic stake in the project by buying AVATAR tokens. All tokens in this ecosystem are governed by a smart contract, which creates a legally binding agreement between buyers and the project. As the project becomes more established, it will start generating revenue through advertising sales, sponsorships, and merchandising.